David Hollinger is a Software Engineer at WPEngine. Since 2018, He has been working on the Flywheel Cloud Platform, creating tooling and automation to enable Application Developers to connect create apps that enable our Customers to do their best work. David lives in Omaha, NE with his partner, two kids, and two cats.

He started his career out as a Systems Administrator working on Linux systems and overtime became enthralled with the idea of automating monotonous tasks and doing his everyday work using code that could be easily tested. This started simple, first by using tools, like Puppet, to manage servers through code. Since then, he has transitioned full time into a Software Developer using Ruby and Go to connect applications and business logic to Cloud platforms in a way that removes the need for other developers to have to think about.

David earned his Applied Associate’s of Science in Computer Information Technology at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE. He has learned most of what he knows through hands-on learning and experience in the workforce. Now he wants to share what he’s learned with others, so that they, too can be successful.

When not writing code or working on blog posts, David enjoys running, fishing, and playing board/video games. He has a passion for using Linux Desktops and has since also taken up helping in making games easier to install on Linux.

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